Saturday, August 23, 2014

Current Journal Progress

This is my current journal. The design is one of my favorites of all of the journals that I have. It's so intricate and detailed, and I've been liking the color blue lately. My favorite shade of blue is more of a aqua mint light blue, but this dark blue and gold is very classy.

I bought this journal on Amazon here.

 I've been using this one for a month now, and it's almost halfway done. I've only collaged a handful of times in it, and haven't written as much as I was earlier this year.

I kept the inside cover more plain than a lot of my recent journals.

I've been sentimental about a lot of my old favorite places to go lately. I added in stickers from a lot of my favorite old hangouts, representing some of my favorite memories. I forgot to add in Tokyo, one of my favorite memories ever, and some older memories... but I couldn't find stickers for all of my favorite cities of my past. The stickers on the lower right are stickers from my childhood.

I do an "about me" page in almost every journal, listing my name, address, income, hobbies, favorites, and other things about my daily life. These lists are fun to look back on years later. I've included an about me/"the basics" page every since I started journaling in 2006/2007.

I made a few collages in this journal....

I've gotten more into added random stuff from life in, like stickers or stuff I got from magazines.

I used to study and relax in Inner Harbor a lot, so I glued in a photo of it and wrote about some of my old memories there. Yeah, I've been super sentimental lately.

I added in these mini stationary sets that I made as a kid. My childhood friend and I made stores for our dolls (more like each other). My "store" was called the "CEO Store".... and was under my bathroom sink.... for my childhood dolls. Yeah.

I don't usually add in stuff from books to my journals, but I did this time. I've read a few dozen books this summer, and this was one of the books that I liked.

I also added in a playlist of songs that I've been into lately.

And quotes I liked...

And movies I've seen while using this journal....

A few of the books I've read lately and liked decently enough...

In recent months I've started tracing my hands and drawing faces on my fingers when I want to fill a page, but don't feel like writing any more. I also glued in a Pez wrapper-- my late brother introduced me to Pez as a kid. And a headband from a friend's birthday party in middle school.

I glued in this "Peel-a-Pop" popcycle wrapper. My friend, quite accurately, joked that the popcycle looked like a tampon... right down to the discreet white wrapper, and the shape/size of it too. Yeah, it does. Disturbing.

I added in random crap in the back, including Lisa Frank stickers, a hot dog, an A+ to celebrate some academic achievement, my lucky numbers, a cheesy quote, washi tape I liked, and old photos in the pocket.

I've added in a "My Autographs" page in the back of my journals ever since I started journaling in 2006/2007. 

I don't get other people's autographs here, but instead sign my own name. I like to see how my handwriting and nicknames change over time. 

I sign my name here randomly while I use the journal, and also sign my name when I re-read a journal years later-- kind of like a "guest book."

And, some of my journal entries are pretty dark too. Even when I'm using fun pen colors...

Even when pages are dark, it's still a good way to vent and analyze my emotions.

I try to write a page a day. It's usually about what I did and how I felt that day.

So, yeah. My current journal is halfway done and has a random compilation of stuff from my life.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blank Page Thursday

I'm opening up a blank page Thursday today.

This is a casual chat about anything journal or notebook related. We can have a chat here about journaling topics: how you start a journal, a brand of notebook you've been into lately, collage ideas, or any notebook or journal related topic.

I'll start us out by saying that I haven't been as into journaling lately as I usually am. My current journal is barely halfway done and it's been a month. I collaged yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks. A few days this week I've written a few sentences or less, while other days it's been a few pages. I've added more stickers and things from magazines this week. I've been into adding quotes in my journals recently. Paperblanks is a brand I've been into lately. Their designs are very intricate, which I've been liking lately. I used to be into pocket Moleskines because I was into plain covers for years and sometimes would decorate my own. Those are my random thoughts of the day about journaling.

Join us in the comments to be part of the conversation. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

What do you want to see more of here?

Collages? Reviews of different journal brands? Journal progress updates? What I include in my journals? Journal prompts? Let me know. :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

New Journal Prompts Added

Writer's block? I've added more journal prompts to the "Random Prompt" section.

There are journal prompts ranging from everyday life to childhood memories to dream vacations. What else would you like to see added?

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